Sunday, 20 June 2010

Back to blogging

I was reading Vinu's blog today and saw that I haven't written anything on mine for like ten months....and yes I felt ashamed of myself ...or my laziness I should say. Anyway, guess the need to write silly things is here I am.
Was kinda nice to read my last posts as they were written a year ago more or less. I'm about to start my holidays soon. I've already made holiday plans this year too, but this year it's me going to Stu to England rather than him coming here. I can't wait for those three weeks. I wil meet 3 important people there ...Ady - Stu's best friend, Sam - my friend who organised every minute of my stay in Canterbury and London and Marcin - well won't mention why he's important yet as it all depends on his decision lol.
I'm stil waiting to find out the date whe my exam will take place. Not that I'm getting stressed about it, far from it, as I know that in a few months I will be in a different place where all those bloody exams don't matter at all. Mentioning school I can't forget to write a few words about my dragon headmaster who was so nice to say (after 6 years of working together) that if I don't like something at her school I may resign from the job lol.
Anyway, she did piss me off, but not for too long as I have other things to worry about now. On June 4th, 2010 Stu asked me to marry him. And, yes, I said yes lol. So now we're planning the wedding....hmmm, no let me say it as it really is....I'm planning the wedding lol. We already have a vague idea of what we want, but we see how it all ends lol.
Let's hope I survive the last week at school without too many problems. See you soon.

Friday, 14 August 2009

First plane pics and the rest

Well, a couple of months ago, in January, I wrote a post about my holiday plans. It seemed like a long wait...and it was, though now I realise that time just flew. Now I'm back home with lots of sweet memories in my head, memories I will definitely cherish.

Theoretically, this year holidays don't seem like something outstanding....I can't boast about having visited Seychelles or something equally exotic...but for me this time was special and memorable. And now I'm sure that it's not really WHERE you go to, but WHO's with you during your free time. Me and Stu had a fantastic time and at that time he was here I wished I could stop the time. I was given an honour to use Stuart's camera (a 700 pound you know why it's so special lol) and took my first plane pics ever. I laughed at Stu and now I see it's actually fun....can't believe I've just admitted that hehehe (and I wouldn't mind an endless stream of BAs at Heathrow).

Anyway, coming back to reality, I applied for a training for teachers (I know no one would do that in the middle of holidays so the lady has already replied that I'm the first on the list hehhehe) and now just lazying around and trying not to think about school (it's hard though as they keep sending me things for teachers and invitations to some conferences).

To keep me sane and in good shape I'm back to daydreaming mode :)

Friday, 10 July 2009

From lazy me

Ok ok, shame on me for being silent so long. Holidays have started finally. All things connected with school and teaching can be forgotten for a little while. High time to enjoy layzing around and doing nothing (and as you might know I'm the best at that lol). Weather isn't the best lately so holidays this year mean spending most of the time at home, but still love it. Finally have time to read books (my ladies from the library haven't forgotten about me and they still keep best books for me heheh), awww how could I forget, my room is no longer full of unchecked tests heheh and I was glad to throw all of them away. And it's great to wake up in the morning not thinking what day it is and which school I go to first heheheh. Well, I could go on telling you about all the nice things I may do on holidays. I'm just happy I'm off work for a bit and I'm with all those who don't get any day off till October (poor Vinu) or those who are looking for a job (poor Stu). Well, if any of you feels like coming for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake you know where to find me. mwa

Friday, 22 May 2009

Holidays are coming...

Hey I've just forgotten to mention it's less than a month till my holidays start....yyypppiieee...the worst part of the school year still waiting for me, but the thought that holidays start soon keeps me alive and actually pretty positve about everything lol (gush, this sounds as if I was taking some drugs lol).